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Pollutant groupPollutant codePollutant nameUnit
Greenhouse gasesN2ONitrous oxide (N2O)kg/year
Other organic substancesBENZENEBenzenekg/year
Greenhouse gasesCO2Carbon dioxide (CO2)kg/year
Other gasesCOCarbon monoxide (CO)kg/year
Other gasesSOXSulphur oxides (SOx/SO2)kg/year
Other organic substancesTOTAL ORGANIC CARBON (TOC)Total organic carbon (TOC) (as total C or COD/3)kg/year
Other gasesNMVOCNon-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC)kg/year
Other gasesNOXNitrogen oxides (NOx/NO2)kg/year
Other gasesCHLORINE AND INORGANIC COMPOUNDSChlorine and inorganic compounds (as HCl)kg/year
Other gasesFLUORINE AND INORGANIC COMPOUNDSFluorine and inorganic compounds (as HF)kg/year
Heavy metalsCR AND COMPOUNDSChromium and compounds (as Cr)kg/year
Heavy metalsCD AND COMPOUNDSCadmium and compounds (as Cd)kg/year
Heavy metalsAS AND COMPOUNDSArsenic and compounds (as As)kg/year
Inorganic substancesTOTAL - PHOSPHORUSTotal phosphoruskg/year